Celebrating real ass human women, whether they use their baby box or not.

A Non Mom Happy Hour is a podcast that brings healing through laughter and community. New episodes are released (most) every Sunday night. This podcast is a safe space to talk about trauma, recovery, disordered eating, sexual trauma, survival, and mental health and self-care. We talk about it all while laughing, because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Whether you’re a non-mom who often feels you don’t fit into most lady groups, or a mom who needs to take a break from momming for an hour, you should come hang out with us!

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Meet the Non Moms Behind the Magic

Our Story

Debbie Jo and Kelly are two non moms who met the good old fashioned way: in a Facebook group. They saw a huge need for building community where all women could both commiserate and feel celebrated. What started out as a weekly Facebook Live series quickly turned into the Non Mom Happy Hour.

When they aren’t podcasting, you can find them coaching other social marketers on mindset and the art of not being grimy. You can also find Debbie Jo life-coaching recovering addicts while Kelly is a writer and advocate for Spoonies; she coaches those living with chronic pain and illness on how to build a life and career that honors their unique needs and limitations.

You will always find them both reveling in the innate badassery that comes with being a woman.

The Non Moms Performed at PodX in Nashville in 2019! Enjoy these photos from Eliza Daniels Photography.


“I have been listening to these podcasts and have been blown away by their intelligence, their eloquence, but I love most, the raw and transparent honesty and vulnerability that they wear with the strength of a suit of armour. Well played, ladies. Well played.”

-iTunes review, 10.5.18


Did we mention moms love us too?

“These ladies are REAL and awesome! Easily relatable. Every episode has a revelation for me, and I’m not even a non-mom!”

- iTunes Review, 8.1.18


This listener called us delightful and refreshing.

“I love this concept and was hooked from the intro music! Debbie and Kelly navigate us through their inspiring lives and of other strong women through history. If you are looking for a podcast that you will learn something but also be entertained, this is IT! Subscribe and listen now!”

- iTunes Review, 7.1.19


This listener said we are delightfully honest and hilariously real.

“These women will give it to you straight, talk about their past experiences whether good, bad, or ugly. An amazing, addicting podcast!”

- iTunes Review, 1.14.19


Our Facebook group is a safe space for our listeners to come together.


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